The BabyAuric Catalogue includes a nice array of eco-friendly and natural baby products that we will deliver free of charge with your weekly diaper delivery.

BabyAuric Montreal Cloth Diaper Service

Three easy steps to getting the best cloth diapers delivered to your home every week



BabyAuric is a company which values family and their well-being, protecting the environment for future generations, customer service and simplicity.  As well as operating a cloth diapering service, BabyAuric offers quality baby products which are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

One baby diapered in disposables produces 1 ton of landfill waste. Using a cloth diaper service is a minimal effort compared to how great it reduces the ecological footprint of you and your baby.

Click on our links to discover balanced information regarding disposables VS reusable diapers as well as all the information on our service and products.