A great option if you don't want to purchase or wash anything. Fully turnkey and easy as pie.

What you get and how it works

  • Full service gives you clean inserts and covers on a weekly basis, plus a pail for the duration of the service.
  • After sign-up you will only be charged the sign-up fee.
  • You will be assigned a delivery day based on your location.
  • A few weeks before your due date, we will  deliver:
    • your initial load of diapers
    • 20 covers
    • a diaper bag
    • a covers bag
    • a pail
    • any purchased products
  • Put your diapers and covers away. Line the pail with the bag and hang your covers bag. 
  • Once you tell us, we start the weekly deliveries and you are charged the initial 4 weeks. 
  • Dirties go into the pail & covers go into the covers bag. on your pick-up day, you take the bag of dirties out of the pail and put the bag outside along with your covers bag, for us to exchange with a new bag and diapers and covers.
  • Billed in 4 week segments. Cancel or pause anytime after initial 4 weeks.