About Us

Samantha: It’s ridiculous how many disposables we are going through. This isn’t right. I was reading that one baby will create 1 ton of garbage in disposables! We need to do cloth…

Antoine: Agreed, but our busy lives don’t make it easy. Not sure we can handle it…

Samantha: There should be a service…

Antoine: Yes, there should be. Soooo…let’s make one?

Samantha: Yes. Yes, let’s make one.

So off they went with a business plan, a small business loan and an infant in tow, to make it happen. It wasn’t easy but 14 years later and lots of hard work, BabyAuric is still serving an important need in Montreal and surrounding areas. Its a great business because we truly have some of the best clients anyone could have: new parents that care enough about the future to do something now.

Our keys to success:

  • We strongly believe in what we do
  • We focus on the customer experience
  • We believe in local economies
  • We are efficient and experienced business people
  • We believe in kindness
  • We are not out to rule the world but rather just change it a bit for the better
  • We have awesome clients that make it a pleasure

Thank you for checking us out and we hope to have you as part of the BabyAuric family!