Reduce your baby's eco-footprint...
...but let us do the work

Clean cloth diapers delivered to your door weekly for $28.50 or less.
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No rinsing

No soaking

No store runs for diapers

More time for baby and family

Less Diaper Rash 

No Harsh Chemicals

Lower Scrotal Temperatures

Faster Potty Training

18 billion disposables in landfills yearly

500 years to decompose

1 baby generates 1 ton of waste

Expecting soon?

Add diapers to your nest...

How it works

Getting started:

  • To use the service, you need diaper covers and a pail. We sell a convenient startup kit if needed.

  • You can sign-up by phone (514.483.2874) or online.

  • We'll bring your first delivery a few weeks before your due date. This way you have what you need for when baby is born.

  • Your service is put on hold until you are back at home and are ready to start the service.

  • Once you tell us, we start the weekly pick-up of dirty diapers and delivery of clean ones

  • Put your diapers away and line the pail with the bag. Dirties go into the pail and on your pick-up day, you take the bag of dirties out of the pail and put the bag outside for us to exchange with a new bag and diapers.

Cloth diapering has been a hands-down, no-brainer.  BabyAuric's products are great and the service is fantastic - they provide good advice and deliver everything you need right to your door.  Knowing that we are not exposing our daughter to the chemicals in disposables and not contributing to the landfill crisis is just the icing on the cake."

— Cynthia B., Dorval

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