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Here are some wonderful doulas we have met in our travels

Such a wonderful profession that is empowering women around the world to take control of their birth experience and helping create positive and safe experiences for more natural births. A doula provides professional support to new and expectant parents before, during and after birth, and in the early postpartum period. That can take form in prenatal classes, accompanying birth, and being there in the postpartum period to assist with caring for the baby (or the parents!), and offering non-judgemental education on newborn feeding and care. They make birth and post-birth better, what is not to love!?

At Rock the Cradle, we do more than welcome babies into this world.

We help you tap into your inner strength and keep you informed about birthing options and interventions, so you can trust your body during this process and feel confident in the choices you make for you and your growing family.

This is your birth story to tell.

If you want to feel safe and supported, no matter how or where you choose to give birth, our Certified Doulas are here to get your back.

So even if you decide to change your birth plan on the fly, we help you create a positive birth experience that you can pull strength from as you navigate the exciting adventure of parenthood that lies ahead.


All The Littles Doula 

Hey there!

I’m Nancy. I’m a Maternal Support Practitioner specializing in Birth and Postpartum Doula Support and Breastfeeding Education.

I’m a “prairie girl”, originally from Winnipeg, MB. I spent my early adulthood working and volunteering in areas that supported women and young people in my community. Eventually my studies and life path guided me towards a career in photography. Fast forward 15 years, with a move across the country and three children later, I found myself profoundly transformed by my birth and postpartum experiences.

These experiences, which included a beautiful unmedicated birth with my first, and a surgical birth with twins, led me gently and organically toward a career in serving and caring for birthers and their families in my community. Everyday I feel happy and honoured to be able to this work :)

MotherWit Doula Care

Insightful support for extraordinary transformation

At MotherWit, we know that birth and the early weeks of parenting deeply matter to the healthy, happy development of a family.  

Our vision at MotherWit is for every parent-to-be, birth giver, birth partner and new parent to feel amazing about themselves.  No matter what.  You’ve got this…and we’ve got you.

With over two decades of experience, our MotherWit Montreal doula team understands how varied the support needs of every pregnant and new family are.  Our mission is to offer nuanced, personalized services to meet your unique needs, providing you with insightful support for extraordinary transformation.

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