When do I sign-up?
How do i purchase?
Will I get my diapers in time for when baby arrives?
How do I get a BabyAuric hooded towel?


How much does it cost?
Is it the same price for all sizes of babies?
Is there a minimum number of weeks?
What if I go on vacation?
What forms of payment do you accept?

Diapers & Pails

What do the diapers look like?
How do i fold the diapers? Is it difficult?
Will I ever run out of diapers?
How do I launder the diaper covers?
When do we change sizes?
What if my baby needs more absorbency?
How often do I need to change the diapers?
Do I need to dispose of solid materials in the toilet?
What does the pail look like?
Does the pail smell?
Can I get a second diaper pail?
What if I have no use for the pail at the end of the service?


Can I choose my delivery day?
What if I forget to put out the soiled diapers?

Can I opt to pick-up and deliver the diapers myself?
Do you deliver to my area?
What if I go on vacation?

Washing Process

What is your washing process?
Is the waste water harmful to the environment?
Can I be assured of absolute cleanliness?

The Skinny On Cotton

Is it truly better for the environment?
Is it truly better for my baby?
Can I launder my own diapers?
What about the water used for washing cotton diapers?