What if I forget to put out the soiled diapers?

You will always have clean diapers weekly. If you miss the driver on your set delivery day, he will leave your clean diapers behind regardless. The dirty diapers, however, do need to be picked up.

1.As soon as you realise that you have missed your pick-up, call the BA office at 514-483-2874 or email info@babyauric.com; if the driver is still in your area, we will arrange for him to return immediately to collect your dirties. If this is feasible, no additional fees apply.

2. If our driver has left your area, you have two options:

a. You can drop your dirties off at the BabyAuric office in Lachine (no additional fee applies for all bags delivered before 9 am, on the day following the Missed Pick-up).

b. We will arrange a return pick-up and a $25.00 Missed Pick-Up Charge will be applied.

3. If we cannot pick up the dirties for a full week for whatever reason a $25.00 Stained Diaper Charge will be applied.

See full policy info here.

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