Folding is your key to success!

There simply is nothing as important as a good fold and diaper fit to make your cloth diapering successful. Below you will find a great video as well as pics and explanations of the folds we recommend.

The main things to remember for all folds:

1. Ensure a snug fit around legs and waist (don't be afraid to crank those snaps or velcro tight with space for no more than one finger between elastic and skin)

2. Make certain the cotton is well within, and not overlapping, the elastics (if it sticks out anywhere it will wick the moisture of the diaper onto the cover and clothes)

3. Make sure the pre-fold isn't bunching inside the diaper. Pulling everything upwards, front and back, to minimize the bulk between the legs is key. On smaller babies the cover nearly reaches baby's armpits! But this is what makes them work.

This video is a quick and easy tutorial

The different types of folds, with instructions and pictures 


The Tri-Fold

A simple and effective fold. Fold in thirds along the panels for size 1 diapers and fold against the panels for size 2 diapers.

Do NOT let the diaper bunch inside the cover. A common mistake is to simply fold the diaper in thirds and tuck it inside the cover but this makes it bunch in the middle and causes leaks. Pulling everything upwards, front and back, to minimize the bulk between the legs is key. 

Bikini Twist


The Bikini Twist 

People seem particularly fond of this one, especially for girls as there is more absorbency in the middle. It works well for runny poop and it provides a more uniform fit with less chances of bulking. It takes a bit of practice and tweaking to get right, so keep at it. 

Boy Fold


The Boy Fold

This fold is popular for boys as it provides more absorbency up front where needed.

Fold the front edge up about one quarter of the way, then fold the front into thirds. You can tuck one of the corners into the other side which helps keep it together. You can keep the back open and wrap the wings from the back to the front, or fold it like the tri-fold.

Roll Fold


The Roll Fold

This is a less used fold but can be useful for that runny breast feeding poop!  

Lay the prefold flat and roll the edges inwards and on an angle so the front edges are rolled in and the back is still flat. Fold up and pull the back corners around to the front.

Practice makes perfect so grab a doll or a teddy bear or your neighbour's baby (but ask them first...;-)) and fold away!

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