Reduce your baby's 


...but let us do the work

Clean cloth diapers delivered to your door weekly.

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Why the BabyAuric Diaper Service?

Convenient & Affordable 

As busy parents, its easy to ignore the impact of disposables.

But can we afford to?

We'll help make your cloth diapering as easy as possible.


  • No Rinsing
  • No Soaking
  • No store runs for diapers
  • More time for baby and family


  • Less Diaper Rash 
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Lower Scrotal Temperatures
  • Faster Potty Training


  • 18 Billion Disposables in Landfills Yearly
  • 500+ years to Decompose
  • 1 Baby Generates 1 Ton of Waste


There is no excuse not to use cloth with such a great diaper service in town. Highly recommended.

- Andrew B. 


By laundering our weekly supply of diapers with hundreds of others i am satisfied that the water used to clean them is as minimal as possible. 

- Cammie M.

Plateau Mont-Royal

Not only is this a responsible choice but also the right choice of material to put against my babies little bottoms. And no more a chore than with disposables.

- Michelle S.

Ville St. Laurent

How it works:

We launder our diapers with our hospital grade process and deliver them to your home on a weekly basis. 

What's next?

Getting started

    • You can sign-up online here. You will only be charged the sign-up fee
    • Basic Service: Inserts only. You must own or obtain diaper covers and a pail at a minimum and you wash the diaper covers yourself. If needed, we sell a convenient start-up package here  that offers great value.
    • Full Sevice: No need to purchase or wash anything. Inserts and covers delivered weekly + a pail.
    • We'll bring your first delivery a few weeks before your due date. Put your diapers away and line the pail with the bag.
    • Once you tell us, we start the weekly deliveries and charge you the initial 4 weeks.
    •  Dirties go into the pail and on your assigned day, put out your bag of diapers for us to exchange with a new bag of clean diapers.

    Cloth diapering was a hands-down, no-brainer.  BabyAuric's products are great and the service is fantastic - they provide good advice and deliver everything you need right to your door.  Knowing that we are not exposing our daughter to the chemicals in disposables and not contributing to the landfill crisis is just the icing on the cake.”

    - Cynthia B.


    Some frequently asked questions

    Click here for the full FAQ

    What do we pay upfront?

    • There's a $40 sign-up fee
    • For BASIC service, you need a pail and diaper covers which you keep at home. Buy them with us or at your favorite boutique. 

    What if i go on vacation or want to pause the service?

    • Not a problem. After the initial 4 weeks you can pause or cancel the service. If we don't visit and/or don't clean, we don't charge.

    When do i sign-up?

    • You can sign up anytime you want. We'll bring your first diaper delivery two or three weeks before your due date so you are ready for when baby arrives.

    Will i ever run out of diapers?

    • You will never run out of clean diapers. BabyAuric will adjust the delivery quantities to ensure you and your baby’s needs are met.

    Do you deliver to my area?

    • We want to serve everyone we can in Montreal and the surrounding cities. Please contact us here to find out about availability of the service in your area.

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