How it Works

Make your cloth diapering as easy as possible, help the environment, and give your baby the most natural option.

BabyAuric also offers:

  • An optional Washcloth Service:
    • Plush bamboo washcloths delivered to your door along with your diapers
    • After wiping baby, toss the washcloth in the pail with the diapers (no need to rinse or separate them)
    • This popular service is a convenient way to minimise the use of wipes (which don’t breakdown in landfills either, and can be an irritant for some babies).
  • An optional Booster Service
    • Perfect for nightime and naps or whenever you need that extra bit of absorbency and dryness on top of your cotton inserts.
    • Boosters give a little “boost” of absorbency. The inside layers absorb and the outside layers keep dry for longer.
    • 3-layer Microfiber Boosters delivered to your door along with your diapers.

These additional services can be added or removed from your regular diaper service at any time. They are available only with weekly diaper service.