Missed Pick-up Policy

What is a missed-pick-up?

If our driver arrives at your home on the scheduled pick-up day, and cannot collect your bag of soiled diapers because you and/or your bag aren’t available, we consider it a “Missed Pick-up”.


BabyAuric’s delivery routes are set up geographically to minimise costs and carbon emissions, so pick-ups need to occur on the assigned day while the driver is in your area. Dirties left for longer than one week develop stains or mold which are beyond repair, even for our intensive process. Our emphasis on cleanliness means that diapers with stains are taken out of circulation, and are consequently a loss for the company.

This policy exists in order to minimise these losses and to avoid increasing our prices.

The policy:

1. You have two options:

a. You can drop your dirties off at the BabyAuric office in Lachine (no additional fee applies for all bags delivered before 9 am, on the day following the Missed Pick-up).

45 Boul St. Joseph, Suite 130 (in back of building) (there is a bin beside our door)
Lachine, Qc
H8S 2K9

b. We will arrange a return pick-up or pick them up the following week and a $25.00 Missed Pick-Up/Stain Cleaning Charge will be applied.

Do you find that pick-ups are often missed?

Please note that special arrangements can be made to facilitate your weekly deliveries.

Some examples:

 leaving diapers on a back balcony or with a neighbour

 providing BabyAuric with a key

Please call us to discuss the options available to you!