Charges & Payment


  • Sign-up fee and any accessories purchased are charged upon registration.
  • Your first 4 weeks of service are charged upon commencing the service or 1 month after baby is born. This charge is not refundable.
  • If the service is not started within a month of baby being born, we will usually come retrieve the diapers until you are ready to start.
  • The diaper service is prepaid every 4 weeks, i.e. when payment is due you are paying for the following 4 weeks of service.
  • After the initial 4 weeks, any week that we do not visit and/or wash, there will be no charge for.
  • Unused weeks are credited to the last 4 weeks payment  (Please note that soiled diapers need to be picked up on a weekly basis. If you are planning to be away, do let us know in advance so that we can ensure a pick-up of all soiled diapers prior to your departure.)

Replacement Fees.

Material that is delivered to your address is your responsibility. Even though we deliver overnight, we can make arrangements to leave your deliveries inside your dwelling, simply contact us to find out what your options are. The replacement fees for damaged, lost, stolen or unreturned items are as follows:

  • Diaper bag with diapers (clean or dirty): $300
  • Bag with covers (clean or dirty): $230
  • Diaper Pail: $44.50
  • Cloth Diaper Pail Liner: $15.00
  • Prefold Cloth diaper: $4.00
  • Rental Diaper Cover: $11.50
  • Cloth Wipe: $2.00
  • Booster: $2.50

Replacement fees will be charged to the credit card associated to the account.

Methods of payment:

    • We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discovery
    • All service products payment will be processed every 4 weeks

BabyAuric Payment Policy

Irrespective of gift certificates, a valid credit card is required for signing on to the service. The credit card information will be kept on file in lieu of a deposit for the bags and diapers that are loaned to you on a weekly basis. No charges will be applied without your knowledge.