Herbozinc Cream, Travel size


Hate seeing your baby with a red bum! Don’t worry! Your baby’s bottom will be treated with care with Herbozinc cream, our most popular product! This great product protects irritated and inflamed skin while creating a waterproof barrier to promote healing. This is exactly what the both of you need to feel better.

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Format : 15g

Why does it work?

  • Organic olive oil acts as a soothing emollient.
  • Zinc oxide (28%) helps skin regenerate and creates a barrier against urine and feces.
  • Organic chamomile calms.
  • To relieve and protect sensitive baby skin, nothing beats a product without alcohol and paraben… in other words, a natural and organic product!


  • Versatile, it can also be used, in a thin layer, against external aggressions (on the cheeks or nose).
  • It is also effective against wasp stings or to relieve eczema breakouts (for example, allergic).
  • It can be used as diaper cream or, as needed, when rashes appear.
  • It doesn’t contain nano-particles.
  • If washing diapers at home, this not compatible with cloth diapers (zinc permeabilizes fabrics) [THIS DOES NOT APPLY WHEN USING THE BABYAURIC DIAPER SERVICE DUE TO OUR INTENSIVE WASHING PROCESS]  .
  • This product is recognized by Health Canada as meeting exceptional quality control (NPN 80005835).


Apply generously to the affect areas. Always apply on clean skin. Repeat application until completely healed.

Recommended use:

Helps treat and prevent diaper rash.

Medicinal Ingredients:

Zinc oxide USP: 28%

Non-medicinal Ingredients (INCI):

Extra Virgin Olive(fruit)(olea Europaea) Oil*, Canola(Brassica Campestris) oil*, Virgin Coco (Cocos Nucifera)* ButterBee (Apis Mellifera) WaxChamomile (Matricaria Recutita)* (and) Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) oil*, Shea (Butyrospermum Parkii) Butter*Tapioca Starch*, Capric Caprilic triglycerides, Lavender (Lavandula Augustifolia) Essential OilRosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) Extract.

* Organically grown herbs.

For external use only.

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